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1. The online directory advertising specified on the face of this agreement, is for a feature listing for the website www.yourepagesonline.com, including: more noticeable priority placement, enhanced search engine visibility, and the ability list additional information such as a map to your location, a web link to your website, your fax number, your toll-free number, your e-mail address, your company's logo and pictures can also be uploaded upon request and or authorization of the subscriber. The directory will be published on the internet with monthly updates.

2. This is a online yellow pages directory. www.yourepagesonline.com is not affiliated with AT&T, any other company/or your local or long distance telephone company. www.yourepagesonline.com does not publish the white and yellow pages print directories customarily distributed in your area.

3. With respect to any error or omission in the publication of or failure to publish any item of advertising in the online directory, the liability if www.yourepagesonline.com and its respective agents and employees in the performance of their responsibilities on this agreement shall be limited to the changes for the advertisement. No adjustments shall be made to the advertisement charges for the reason of suspension or termination of customer's telephone service or change of address due to relocation.

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8. This agreement shall not be assigned and or transferred with the express written prior consent by www.yourepagesonline.com .

9. The fee for this listing service is clearly expressed with details of services on the face of the invoice and the length of time it is also disclose upon and or the face of the invoice, once the term expires, you will be contacted for renewal on this agreement. "THIS IS NOT AN AUTOMATIC RENEWAL" and confirmation must be given by an/or the authorize purchaser at the time of renewal.

10. Cancellations will be accepted with in 15(fifteen) days of the time of purchase www.yourepagesonline.com, reserves the right to pursue the full amount of this agreement. Interest charges and late fees may apply if payment is not issued with in a properly manner. If this listing reaches delinquency stages an administrative fee will apply by and for the recovery agency that will be referred to/for.

11. All sales are final, no refunds will be issued/for early terminations upon customers request; once the cancellation rights have expired.

10. Cancellations will be accepted with in 15(fifteen) days of the time of purchase www.yourepagesonline.com, reserves the right to pursue the full amount of this agreement. Interest charges and late fees may apply if payment is not issued with in a properly manner. If this listing reaches delinquency stages an administrative fee will apply by and for the recovery agency that will be referred to/for.

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By posting, uploading or submitting any information, material or content to this Site, you automatically grant (or automatically warrant that the owner of the rights to such material or content has expressly granted) yourepagesonline a perpetual, royalty-free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license throughout the world to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, create derivative works from, publish, translate, license, transmit, distribute and otherwise exploit any or all portions of such information, material or content in any manner and media and by means of any technology now known or hereafter developed. In addition, you hereby irrevocably waive all moral rights in any such information, material or content posted, uploaded or submitted by you. Scope. This is a contract (referred to herein as "Advertising Agreement" or "Agreement") between yourepagesonline (hereinafter referred to as "us", "we" and "our") and the customer (hereinafter referred to as "you", "your" and "Advertiser") identified on the first page of this document (the "Order") for us to fulfill your order for our Advertising Products identified on the Order. This Agreement consists of the Order and these Terms and Conditions for Internet Advertising.

Custom Domain Registration/Ownership of Work Product. If the Advertising Product you have ordered involves the hosting or operation of a Web site, the Universal Resource Locator ("URL") therefore must be registered in our name with a domain registrar of our choosing so we may manage the domain while we host or operate the Web site. If you do not have a URL, we will procure a URL and will pay the applicable domain name registration fees to the registrar and maintain ownership. We cannot guarantee that any URLs and/or domain names you request for your Web site will be available for your use. If none of your requested URLs are available, we will contact you and request alternatives. If you already own the registration for the desired URL, you must transfer the URL to us with a domain registrar of our choosing. If the URL cannot be transferred or you fail to undertake the action we request to cause the transfer, then, in our discretion, we may (but are not obligated to) choose a URL or domain name on your behalf. Upon termination of this Agreement or in the event you are in breach of this Agreement, any Web sites hosted or operated under this Agreement may be disabled, in our sole discretion. We will invoice you for all fees payable in connection with the transfer to you of any URL registered in our name that is related to your Web site if you notify us in writing within thirty (30) days after termination or expiration of this Agreement that you desire such transfer. We will then promptly transfer such URL to you if you timely pay such invoice. If you fail to notify us that you desire such transfer within such thirty (30) day period or fail timely to pay such invoice, then you waive all rights in or with respect to such URL, and you acknowledge that we may allow the registration for such URL to lapse, may retain and use such URL, or may transfer such URL to a third party, without restriction.

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